Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rare Moments

They sat in the big Lazy-Boy chair together for at least an hour,

laughing (a lot)

tickling (a little)

wrestling (a bunch)

teasing (but not too much)

and even sitting quietly for a little while, arms across each other's shoulders.

Just chillin'.

brother and sister

16 and 13.

"That's odd," commented Lee, our dinner guest. "If that were me and and my brother at that age, you'd be seeing blood by now."

"Are they always like that?" asked Marlene, Lee's mom.

"No," I replied. "Rarely, but almost always when we have company and I make them shut the 'screens' down and visit." (I think they get bored eventually and turn to each other for entertainment.)

Kendall, having adored her big brother from the time she was old enough to follow his every move from her bouncer seat, just eats up her brother's attention and affection. Tonight, Kyle dishes out just enough to make her happy, but not so much as to appear to love her. (He rarely has tolerance for his sister's affection.)

They get loud. It's obnoxious; the volume, the squirreliness.

But we try not to break the spell.

Because it's rare and beautiful.

Brother and sister friends.

...Could the tide be turning?

Mr.4444 just said, "We should take his temperature."

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