Saturday, January 10, 2009

Surprising even myself!

While I often get compliments on my cooking (potluck stuff, baked goods, and the occasional non-Hamburger Helper casserole, etc.), I don't consider myself a "good cook," because I use recipes. To me, the sign of a truly good cook (Mr.4444) is someone who makes up his/her own recipes or at least knows what to add when making a dish that "needs a little something." That's not me, typically, so I am VERY proud to say that I recently made something from scratch without a recipe, for the first time ever!! Because I had no faith in myself, I did not take photos along the way, but my soup turned out YUMMY!! Here's the only shot I took:The ingredients I chose included home-canned tomatoes (not really canned; we just blanched, peeled, and froze garden tomatoes from a neighbor--Thanks, Ron and Wendy!!), chorizo sausage, salt, pepper, a can of tomato soup, some water, and some Parmesan cheese. I know; it's very basic, but I did it on my own, so I am very proud. (Sorry I can't offer you some.)

I will admit to being able to find some dandy recipes, and if this looks good to you, head here to see what I look like at 9 in the morning (before a shower!) and find out how to make this mouth-watering muffin!

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