Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thousand Words Thursday

One of my cousins uploaded this photo to our family's Facebook page recently. I really love it, because considering the date, it really does say a thousand words. My mom (foreground) is four in the photo; too young to realize she was born at one of the most difficult times in history, The Great Depression. Big sister, Patsy, rests her hand on Elsie's shoulder in a gesture of sisterly love. My Uncle Bill, the only brother, takes up the rear, looking dashing even at that young age. To me, my Aunt Mary's face is the one that says the most. Of course, I can only guess at what she's thinking, but her eyes show maturity beyond her years. She holds the youngest, Charlotte.

Even though they grew up in tough times (and perhaps because of it), my mom and her siblings know the importance of family. They also know how to have fun, as evidenced by this post. Singing, too, was a big part of their lives, growing up, and continues to be today. For an example of how my silly mom and her sisters know how to have fun, watch this video from our family reunion talent show last summer. (Sorry it starts out vertical, but it soon turns over :)

With our economy tanking as it is today, I guess we can all learn from The Great Depression generation...

Family is important.
You can make your own fun.
Keep a song in your heart.

And know that things will get better.

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