Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Fragments

TGIF, huh? All there is left to my long, concession-selling, conferences-filled work week is to unload my fragments. Glad you joined me!

****I'm sick and tired of Haloscan dropping the emails from comments on my blog. I'm also not that thrilled with Blogger's comment feature, so I'm in the market for something else. Is there anything else out there that you can recommend??

**** Is this your email address? For more than a month, I've been getting mail returned to me from this address, though it's not in my address book. I think it's a blog commenting thingy, but by the time I receive the notice, I've been to so many blogs, I'm clueless as to whose it is. Please solve the mystery, if you can. Thanks.

****Because I, too, hate Activita commercials, Krystal earned my Favorite Friday Fragmenter award for this week, with this fragment:

I hate Activia commercials. I have NEVER had a conversation with one of my friends showing pictures of our holidays and then one of us saying, "...but now I'm irregular."

(I guess it's safe to say that hemorrhoids are off the table of conversation at Krytal's "Girls' Nights!" Here's a little prize for you, Krystal (if you still don't have heat in your house, hopefully this will at least warm your heart.)****Missing my Reader this week (have you missed me?) Please forgive me if you've wondered where I've been. We had conferences two nights this week, plus a night selling concessions, and I started teaching a new class. I look forward to catching up (at least a little bit) this weekend.

****Cooked fancy one night recently. Check out Mahogany Broiled Chicken with Smoky Lime Sweet Potatoes and Cilantro Chimichurri at Mrs.4444 Cooks! I should probably call it Mr. & Mrs.4444 Cook, but he's always teasing me about my blogging addiction, so I don't think he should reap the benefits, do you? Plus, he's not dressed properly for cooking fame in that post; he's going to have to throw away those 1982 Levis first!

****Copied a ton of posts to my special overflow page that includes only posts about my mom. It was a lot of work, but I'm really happy with it. To read all kinds of posts about my silly, sweet, playful mom, click here or on the "About Mom" tab in my sidebar.

****I'd like to thank everyone who joined my in my 444th post celebration. In case you missed who the winners of the giveaway were, click here.

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