Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What People Won't Do....

What would you call a woman who waits til her FOUR children are in bed and then does this I would call her determined, stubborn, funny, sweet, playful, coordinated, and wonderful. Now that's what I'm talkin' about! This is Mel's response to my requirement of a Stupid Human Trick (SHT) to accept awards and pass them on. I guess she really meant it when she gave me this "Beautiful" award and the Lemonade Award. Thanks, Mel!!And in the spirit of the SHT, since I've already shown you mine, I will now show you Kendall's most amazing SHT:Okay, now you do it.Silly girl; she says, "Mom, make sure you tell them they don't put their hands on their hips like normal; it only works if you put your hands thumbs-forward." See if it makes any difference for you! (She cracks me up!)

And, because many of you have dared, I have now made a special place of honor for the SHTs of gift-givers past. (See it; over there, the new button in my sidebar?) Thanks, you guys. You are AWESOME.

And now for a re-gifting of sorts! I hereby award the Lemonade Stand (to people who make lemonade when life gives them lemons) and the Beautiful award to...

Country Girl
Kazzy, the Ponderer

I give these awards free of any commitment (no tricks needed). Pass them on or just relax and enjoy them; your choice!

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