Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Would You Rather Wednesday

Coincidentally, this very blog-worthy interaction occurred on the same day that I realized that Kel has a Would You Rather Wednesday feature on her blog. So, I figured Wednesday was the best day to post it. Head to The Girl in the Glasses for more insanity.

We're in the car, on what turned out to be a two-hour drive, when Kendall asks, "Dad, would you rather eat maggots, or an un-poisonous scorpion?"

Mr.4444 responds with, "I don't know...If you were up to your neck in diarrhea, and someone's going to puke on you, would you duck?

[This is where I grabbed the paper and pencil, seeing where this was going.]

Kendall: Would you rather eat a live mouse, or a dead rat?

Mr.4444: The rat, I guess. Would you rather drive a nail through your hand, or eat a bowl of puke?

Kendall: Your own puke?

Mr.4444: Dog puke. Sick-dog puke. [Is there any other kind??]

Kendall: I think I'll do the nail.

At this point, Mr.4444 gets out of the car for a few minutes, and Kendall continues...

Okay, Mom. Would you rather eat a chunk of Dad's tongue, about the size of those little ham chunks in a salad bar.... or a bowl of dead skin?

Me: Can I eat it on a salad?

Kendall: No.

Me: Um...the tongue, I guess. Would you rather wear a "mud mask" of dog poo, or eat a tablespoon of Dad's toe-punk on a cracker? [In our house, "toe punk" is the stuff that can be found beneath a toenail.]

She chose the cracker.

(I hope you weren't eating while you read this.)

444 posts, and this is the depths to which I've brought you?! I'll try to make it up to you; if you haven't already, enter my 444th Post Giveaway. And if you're game, tell me which one of these suggestions you would rather?

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