Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Fragments

Welcome to Friday Fragments, the best way to unload your random thoughts from the week. (Keep a little notebook for your fragments; in no time at all, you'll find you have plenty of gems to choose from and a post that writes itself!)

***Favorites*** Here's my Favorite Friday Fragment from last week. It came from Nonna, and I'm guessing that a lot of people share her experience:

"I don't know why, but i have all of a sudden been "found" by tons of people from high school on face book. it's pretty neat to reconnect with them, but i find it funny that some of the people who treated me like total shit, are now "oh, i'm so glad i found you!" Yeah, right. Either they are full of shit, have "found God", or
going through a 12-step program and are starting their amends. lol" Nonna Grab your free button, Nonna! (Is this your second one?!)***Losses*** I've joined a "Biggest Loser" team at work. Yes, I know; I'm not huge or anything, but it's either that or buy a new wardrobe. I could stand to lose ten pounds. Anyway, I figure that whether I follow through or not, either way I'll end up a loser, so it's all good.

***Wins*** Kristie's cookbook prize-Sure would love to send Kristie the cookbook she won in my Giveaway, but she never contacted me to tell me how to find her or where to send it!

***Friendships*** Today is my sweet friend, Jen's birthday, according to Facebook! Why not pop over to Cheaper Than Therapy and wish her a Happy Birthday!!

***Prayers Needed*** Please, please pray for my dear friend, Molly, who lost her son, Ryan, in late October. She is experiencing the darkest days of her life; every moment is a struggle to keep a safe distance from (as she calls it) "the edge of human existance; the breaking point." She's doing all the right things. (If only "things" could fix this.) Please, just pray strength for her and some peace. Thank you.

***Quirks*** Whenever I hear a tune being sung, whistled, or even tapped (no matter how short a piece), I find myself singing it minutes later, without even realizing I'm doing it. Kendall likes to get me going by singing one line of a song and then elbowing her dad to watch what happens. Sure enough, moments later, I find myself singing some random song and Kendall giggling. Is there a name for this?

You know you have fragments; why don't you join me? (Friday Fragments Posts, only, please.)

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