Saturday, February 7, 2009

Music That Takes You Back

I had an entertaining conversation with an 8th grade student this week...

Mrs.4444, have you heard that new song, Brick in the Wall?

New song? I know an old song by that name.

No, it's a new song. It's by Korn. It's called Another Brick in the Wall. It has a part that goes, "Teacher, leave those kids alone!" (He smiles.)

I smile back. "We don't need no...ed-u-ca-tion? We don't need no thought-control?"

Yeah. So you've heard it?

That's actually an old song, Shawn. I used to listen to it back in the day. It's by a group called Pink Floyd.

No, it's by Korn. Do you want to hear it? I brought my MP3 player. I'll let you listen to it.

Okay, Shawn. Sure.

So I listened to the remake of Brick in the Wall, by Korn, and it's pretty good, but not as good as the classic. I used to listen to it after bars, in a dark basement bedroom, with my high school boyfriend. I almost never know the name of albums, but Dark Side of the Moon is indellibly marked on my memory, probably because of the many, many times I heard it during that five-year, tumultuous relationship. Not coincidentally, I also associate REO Speedwagon's Time for Me to Fly with that same boyfriend. Thank God I did (fly).

What song(s) do you associate with a particular time in your life?

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