Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dinner Drama, etc.

Because he travels a lot for his job, Mr.4444 eats out a lot. That turns out to benefit me, because whenever we go out to eat, he always lets me pick the restaurant. Isn't that great?! We went out to dinner last Friday night to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Grandma4444 had given us a check for a "nice dinner," and boy did we have one; bacon-wrapped scallops, salmon, and creme brulee with strawberries for dessert--It was to die for, almost literally, for one dinner guest at a nearby table.

I noticed a man shove his chair back and start what was obviously the Heimlich maneuver on his friend. I quickly pointed it out to Mr.4444, who leaped out of his chair and rushed over. The guy performing the maneuver had tried three times already, unsuccessfully, when Mr.4444 (no stranger to people choking in restaurants) told him to not be afraid to really "give 'er." Finally, just as the helpless bystanders were about to step in, the victim started coughing. What a relief! The man was part of a dinner party celebrating a wedding. After the incident, everyone was visibly shaken, including the bride, who was in tears. At least it turned out well, and I'm sure they'll never forget it!

This incident didn't phase Mr.4444 in the least, because he is the guy you want around in an emergency. Because he mostly eats alone when he eats out on the road, he does a lot of people-watching, which has resulted in his saving two people with the Heimlich maneuver in years past. It's such a simple procedure, and, done properly, can save a life. To learn how, click here.

And speaking of lifesaving, we found out this week that a young teacher from our district who had been given two months to live (brain cancer) has been kicking cancer's butt for a year and a half now, thanks to two experimental drugs! His tumor is shrinking! You cannot get a better testimonial for supporting cancer research, can you? If you have made a donation to your local Relay for Life event, thank you. If you haven't, it's not too late to support me in my first Relay for Life event, which takes place next month. (I'm only $80 away from my goal, thanks to several donors. )

So learn the Heimlich, raise money to support cancer (or other) research, or participate in an event. Together, in a number of easy ways, we can save lives!

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