Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hoping for a Cancer-FAIL

If you're like me, when you think of cancer, you can name at least three people you know whose lives have been directly affected by it. One of my friends, Kandee (you know her as the sometimes blogging, always cracking me up friend in California), is a breast cancer survivor. (Sadly, five of her family members were not so fortunate.) Kandee is a tough cookie and a great example of someone who perseveres, even in the face of adversity.

Mr.4444's Aunt Bette kicked cancer's butt at least 15 years ago. The experience has made her life richer, in a funny way. She appreciates it more now, I guess. More and more today, people are beating cancer, because of advances in treatment and early detection.

My dad passed away in 2005 from Leukemia (a form of blood cancer). He was such a tough old bird (age 78) that he walked around without knowing he had cancer, until Mom finally talked him into seeing a doctor for his "fatigue" and unexplained bruising. Five days later, he was gone. (Yeah, that's a story I'll share one day). My point is that some are lucky, and some, not so. The beauty of it is that we can make a difference in the number of people who beat cancer.

I'm doing my part by participating in my local Relay for Life event on April 18th. Since Mr.4444 just got a job after being out of work for two months, I figure I can't make a big financial impact, but I can make a small one, and I can encourage others to do the same. Will you please consider clicking on the button on my sidebar and making a pledge to sponsor me? My goal is to raise at least $200, but my team will take anything we can get, I'm sure :) I would appreciate it SO much, and you would know that you are making a difference. [update: I'm so close to $200 already (and know that at least three others plan to donate) that I realized I aimed too low. I've raised my goal to $350. I'm so excited!! Thanks, you guys!]

So, I'm in training now; eating raw egg yolks and stuff, pumping iron in the gym, running 10 miles per day, etc. What? You don't believe me?? Why would you say a thing like that?!

Okay, okay; you've got me; this is not a rigorous race. Heck, I don't even know if it's an actual race. It's my first time, though, so please help me look good by clicking on my RfL button and sending some love. (I promise I'll at least wear some sneaks and do a couple of jumping jacks before I start.) Thanks!

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