Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sex Ed

A certain almost-14-year-old girl and I were having a conversation about sexual intimacy between a man and a woman. (Just a conversation, mind you. She's a very innocent girl, but I try to keep the communication lines open, and I want her to feel comfortable asking me questions related to sex.) The subject came up because of an Adam Sandler movie marathon today and some unexpected sexual references that were made in Anger Management. [Fast-forward a couple of hours.]

Following a mention of the "men are like light switches, women are like irons" reference, I stated that a sensitive man who loves his wife will not rush through sex but will want to please her; he will try to wait for her before giving in to his own passion. She asked, in all seriousness,

"But Mom, how do they learn that? Who teaches them that?"

What a good question, don't you think? I wasn't sure of the answer but offered a couple of guesses. Do you know?

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