Saturday, April 11, 2009

In Case You Missed These...My Favorites

With a record number of fellow fragmenters this week (21!), it was so tough to choose a Favorite Friday Fragment that I decided to make a post of my top faves. Enjoy!

Perplexin Texan
The class took a field trip to the zoo this week. Question: Why did a parent offer to chaperon and drive with a license and vehicle that weren't his? Also, since when did the zoo become such a scandalous trip?The sad part is I'm not even the one who realized what it resembles. (He was 9.)

From Semi-Slacker Mom:
*For the life of me, I can not understand how Bo can be so smart & still not be able to wipe his own butt.
*Bo is getting into Star Wars stuff, but I believe he has a little more studying to do, as he refers to R2D2 as 1234.

April showers not only bring May flowers, but 75 percent of the planet's earthworm population out on the sidewalk. The Book Kitten

Random Thought Of The Week: "Linner". Why do people recognize the combined meal of breakfast and lunch as "brunch" but no one recognizes the combined meal of lunch and dinner as "linner"? Why is Linner shafted like that?

And...(also from Yaya)
Random Text of the Week (Courtesy of Jill) Wow! I just lost 4 pounds by having sex for 3 hours! That's better than boot camp!

Kori did butter me up in her FF post intro, but even if she hadn't, I would have chosen to copy this one:

**People say sea gulls are disgusting birds, but I would have to say that pigeons take the cake for me. There was another puker outside the bar the other night, and the pigeons have been rooting around for the choicest morsels. I may never eat poultry again.

Be glad you're not Amy's (Frantic Mom and More) cat: My 10 year old cat has decided that jumping on the table is OK. He has decided that drinking the water out of my floating candle votives is acceptable. The tablespoon of vinegar I am adding tonight to each one will surely surprise his taste buds tonight. I'm assuming....

Sassy-I Twittered earlier this week about how excited I was to be out on my back stoop in the sun working, and lalalalala-ed my telecommuting status, being all smug and stuff. And then a bird crapped on my head. Harumph.

Also from PT: In Hong Kong, a betrayed wife is legally allowed to kill her adulterous husband, but may only do so with her bare hands.

Jo, at Blogging Under the Influence-If you have feet that smell like stinky Parmesan cheese, please for the love of God, spray them - with Lysol, bug spray, ANYTHING - before coming to me for a massage.

Georgie-To Phillip Morris--As of Sunday, I will no longer be helping you pay for your car, house, summer house, great-great-great grandchildren's college funds, or your maid...just thought you'd like to know... [Don't be afraid to go offer Georgie some support on this!]

So, it's really not a contest, and I enjoyed making the rounds today, but these fragments stood out to me today. And I just realized that I have this award, which needs passing on (Thanks again, Grace!) So Ladies....consider yourselves awarded with the Kreative Award and this one:Thanks for the laughter/inspiration!

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