Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Fragments

It's Friday! Not only is it the first day of our 4-day Easter weekend (yea!), but it's time for Friday Fragments, the best way to purge yourself of those random thoughts from your week that were too good to discard but to small for stand-alone posts (double yea!) For more on Friday Fragments, please click the FF button above.

***HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KENDALL!! You are the best, sweetest, smartest, most lovable and wonderful daughter I have ever had. I'm proud to be your mom and honored that you still own me in public (thanks.)

***My Favorite Friday Fragmenter last week was Perplexin' Texan, who cracked me up with this fragment:

Sometimes I wonder what the hell I was thinking, becoming a marriage and family relationships therapist. One should never begin their morning at 10am overhearing:

Grey-haired grandma to another
: "Of course, it was worse for him because she left to become a lesbian. [pause] And you can't help thinking of all that licking." least I can't. Perlexin Texan

PT, please accept this award for posterity's sake; you made my Friday with that one!***Reason #642 that I'm really not a fan of dogs: I stayed up til 11pm Wednesday night, baking two big chocolate chip cookie cakes (one was a flop) for Kendall's birthday party. (BTW, thank heaven for Tollhouse in a tube.) In the morning? You guessed it; the flipping dog knocked the surviving cookie cake off the counter and had it half eaten in seconds, about a minute after I had fed him his breakfast. (He is lucky to be alive.)

***How cool is my new "Home of Friday Fragments" button, made especially for me by The Mom Jen, at Cheaper Than Therapy?! (See it over in my sidebar?) Jen, you're the best! Thank you, again.

***It's not too late to enter Melissa's Suburban Scrawl Goes to NYC contest! This girl knows how to have a giveaway!***Grace (brave soul) decided to honor my SHT requirement (for accepting and passing on awards) by doing this:She preceded this with this lovely award,which I will pass on in a future post. In the meantime, I am also required to name seven things that I love, and they are: family, sleeping in, red and black licorice (is that two?), massages, Diet Coke (yes, I fell off the wagon and never caught back up), reading your blogs (I mean it!) and Easter Break. Thank you, Grace! :)

***I don't get it; why in the world would anyone follow more than a handful of people on Twitter? Wouldn't that mean that you would be spending hours reading people's tweets? And why would a perfect stranger follow me on Twitter? I'm just so puzzled about this...

Here's Mr. Linky for your linking pleasure. Please link only FF posts here (cuz it makes me feel bad to delete those that are not FF posts). And if you really love me, you will also be kind enough to mention Friday Fragments with a little linky love in your FF post, thanks. (Let me know if you need help with this :)

Have a terrific weekend!!!

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