Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Kids

Have you ever been the "new kid on the block?" In my recent blog travels, I've happened upon some "new kid" bloggers and figured I would introduce you to them, because they have a lot to offer and would probably love to meet you :)

Gertrude, at Abstract Arboretum, wrote a funny post about a conversation with her teenage son. Think you know what a mandate is? Find out for sure on Pea Pie.

Grace, at Doing the Math, Counting My Blessings has been blogging since January. She is kind, compassionate, and full of love.

Bee and Rose has been blogging since January. Here's an excerpt from her blog, on which she shares her journey dealing with I started to cry…you know, one of those big ugly cries. "My darling daughter asked me why I was sad. I hugged her close, but was unable to speak. She cupped my face in her 6 yr old hands and said, "You should go make people laugh on your blog, Mommy. Laughing always makes me feel better." So sweet!

Welcome to the neighborhood, ladies!

I'm at the Relay for Life event at my school today. Thanks to everyone who helped me reach and exceed my fundraising goal:

Cousin Margaret
Cousin Derek

And thanks to each of you who have donated to this and other charities in your area. Every little bit counts!!

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