Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Fragments

So many fragments, so little time. That's why, if you write them down and save them all for a Friday Fragments post, you will find it very satisfying. Welcome to Friday Fragments, the home for those tidbits from your week that entertained you, puzzled you, or just made you happy.
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***The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life is tomorrow!!! I hope I make it around the track at least a couple of times! :)

***Feeling low and uninspired? Heart a little on the numb side lately? Watch this video, see the YouTube link, and feel your heart fill up. Thank you, Karen, for posting Why You Should Never Judge a Book by It's Cover.

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***My husband posted this status update on Facebook last weekend, as Kendall's sleepover was wrapping up:

My now-14-year-old daughter (Kendall) has 12 friends sleep over to celebrate her b-day. Oh the drama, damn the volume, thank God their parents picked them up on time. This morning was like Halloween in reverse ... the door would ring and one more kid would leave ... a real treat.

He's the real treat, I tell you. I love, love, love that man of mine.

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