Monday, April 6, 2009

Tooth Terror Treatment

It had been weeks since Kyle's first tooth had first felt loose, and he was terrified. He would at times give it a little wiggle, but he had no interest in threads tied to the door handle, washcloths, or other sure-fire methods of tooth removal. However, his little-boy curiosity could not allow him to leave it alone; he did poke at it and play with it with his tongue. He would vacillate between bold declarations of "I'm going to do it tonight!" to "No! I don't want to!!" Finally, because I felt sorry for the kid and the stress this loose tooth was causing him, I offered to pull it out when he was asleep. He accepted.

Late that night, I tiptoed into Kyle's room, armed with a flashlight and a tissue. Fortunately, he had graciously left his mouth wide open for me. Grasping the offending straggler, I gave it a quick tug, and out it came! Simultaneously, Kyle's eye's popped open, and a sudden look of terror crossed his face, chased away quickly by the sudden realization that he no longer had to worry about his tooth. Elated, he cried, "YES!" and went back to sleep.

So, the tooth fairy does tenderly, gently gather teeth left beneath pillows by brave little money grubbers; but if called upon, she will also yank it out of their mouths!

P.S. This post was inspired by Jen's I Lost a Tooth post at Cheaper Than Therapy.

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