Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Foreign Language?

Mr.4444 and I were sitting in the livingroom Saturday afternoon; he watching TV, and I using my laptop on the couch.

"What's that sound?" he asked.

I did not hear it at first. "What is it?"

"It sounds like background noise. Listen."

I did, but it was faint. I couldn't really figure out what it was. "Is it coming from over there?" I gestured toward the kitchen.

"I don't know," he replied. I looked at the many tabs that I had open on my laptop, trying to see which blog might have an automatic music player on it.

"I don't have any blogs open," I said. "It must be on the TV."

Mr.4444 muted the TV, and we both cocked our heads to listen. There it was....

Birds chirping.

Outside, audible through the closed windows.

Guess Spring really is here!!

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