Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Fragments

***I had almost 1000 unread posts in my reader on Monday, and I had to just bite the bullet and wipe the slate clean. Now, I'm worried that I will have missed an important post of yours. Please send me a link if you wrote a post recently that is special to you, because I'd really like to read it.

***We read a story today about a cognitively disabled man who had a crush from afar on a woman who worked across the street from where he ate breakfast every morning. A student interjected with an epiphany, "So, in other words, disabled people can fall in love, too?" Wow. The light really turned on for that kid, and he's 14. How cool is that?!

***Every time I pass the (busy) intersection of Oneida Street and Marvelle Lane, I am taken back to the hot summer day on which my younger cousin, Beth, reached out and yanked my toob-top down, exposing my boobs to the many passersby. I slapped her across the face. That's all I remember about that. (I'd love to hear more about what compelled her to do that.)

***Coughing and sneezing does a number on the spinal column and muscles of the back. I highly, highly recommend chiropractic adjustment for this.

***There's nothing like coughing and sneezing to remind you of the value of Kegel exercises. There's no chiropractic adjustment for that, I'm pretty sure. (Unless you're married to one, maybe.)

***Unless otherwise inspired, there will be no plogging on Sunday. I'm making the most of my Mothers Day :) Happy Mothers Day to all of you mothers out there, and to those whose Mothers Days are not so happy (for whatever reason), you are in my prayers.

***I can't even finish reading this post for the tears in my eyes, the lump in my throat, and the fact that I have to leave for school, but Charette has written a very moving piece (that's what you call them when they are beyond words), and I highly recommend that you read it. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention, Charette. You're amazing.

***You may have an old FF link attached to my FF button. Just in case, please make sure your button links to this updated post, please. Love ya!

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