Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why I Should Probably Get Mr.4444 a Cape

Remember the time Mr.4444 helped save that guy's life? Always at the ready, he recently had another opportunity to come to someone's rescue.

The groom, his groomsmen, and the prospective fathers-in-law to-be were gathered in the designated room in the church, just killing time. Proud Dad checked his watch; 30 minutes to "show time." Nervous but excited that he was finally going to marry the joy of his life, Brandon wore a huge smile. Feeling a little giddy and confident, he decided to "let one rip."

"Ewww! That didn't sound so good," said the looks on the faces of the other guys, who burst into laughter when Brandon's facial expression confirmed their suspicions.

"Oh, Man-I just sharted!!"

And that is why, on one's wedding day, one should always have a back-up pair of underwear and some wipes; or at least hold the wedding near a K-mart, so a friend like Mr.4444 can cover your ass.

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