Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments are bits and pieces of your week that are usually brief; too short for a stand-alone post, but too good to discard. Collect humorous observations, "Heard" items, and other small gems and put them together in a Friday Fragments post. Here's my offerings for this week. ( To learn more, click on the cute little button at the top of this post.)

***I'll be at Six Flags Great America, in Gurnee, Illinois today, riding in a coach bus filled with scantily-clad adolescents with raging hormones and volumes to match. Pray for me...

***Half-day on Monday (assuming I survive Great America) and then I'm home free until September 1st. I've got nothing on the calendar except BlogHer. I am so looking forward to some R & R with the family-camping, camping, and maybe some camping :)

***Holy cow! Check out the incredible gift basket I received from a parent this week!That is certainly a first for me and probably the last, since the student is moving on to the high school. (I wonder if it's too late to flunk him?!)

***My Favorite Friday Fragmenter last week was Caution at The Human Race. Hopefully, you cannot relate:

But on an EWWW note, my child was sick again Wednesday night. Coughed violently and vomited in his sleep and then some. Dangerous. Scary. Messy. I only knew about the stuff that landed all over the bathroom and that I cleaned. Then I put Mr. Asthma in my bed. Later, when Checkered got home from the Red Wings' game, he kindly got in Mr. Asthma's bed so the little guy could stay with me. I swear I did not know that child had been sick in his bed - until Checkered got in it. I'm sorry!! The Human RaceCongrats, Caution! And give my sympathies to Checkered; that was EWWWW!

***Kind of bummed that Lena (who helped design my blog) isn't able right now to replace the snowman shot in my header with a summer shot. (She acts as though being a new mom is more important than my needs. As if!!) Know anyone who isn't so busy?

***Raise your hand if you remember ever having a rubber grape in your mouth (Grandma's house, perhaps?), squeezing the air out and letting it suction to your tongue? (See, we knew how to have fun in the good old days!)

***I think I've figured out why men are such babies when they are sick; they never get any other opportunity to whine. Women can whine any time we want and get away with it, but men? They must stay strong and be all competent and stuff. I love that competent, strong stuff, so in the future, if Mr.4444 should get whiny about being sick, I just might let him get away with it.

***Feeling kind of ambivalent lately about BlogHer. Are you going?

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