Thursday, June 4, 2009

Proof That the End Is Near...

Seven signs that our school year is coming to a close:

The taco bar was out of sour cream today, and the lunch lady said they are not going to order more.

The walls of my classroom are bare (except for the blue and yellow gobs of dried up "Teacher Tac" that wouldn't come off.)

A student came into my room today and said, "Wow. Your room is really clean." (Everything is packed for my move to 6th grade.) Yes, it is remarkable that my room is clean. What can I tell you? I'm not a neat freak, okay?!

My students have stopped working. One might consider this nothing new, but I notice a difference. They have "checked out."

I have started reading a fiction book for grownup readers.

Remember that Lost and Found Table that I found so mind-blowing? Look at it now!And finally, I caught myself singing out loud to myself in the hallway today. (That's how I always know for sure.) I don't remember the tune...

Does it matter? :)

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