Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here-and-Now Parenting

Carol, at A Second Cup recently wrote a post called Parenting Teens: Sadly Saying Goodbye to Childish Things...sigh She wrote about the sad parts of kissing your kids' childhoods goodbye. I've also read a lot of posts lately about kids "leaving the nest" and the resulting bittersweet feelings parents have.

I have always been more about living in the moment than looking backward in my children's lives. I have loved every stage they've been through and have not looked back (with melancholy) so far. In fact, now that they are in their teens, here are some things I have to admit I do not miss:

*Diapers, teething, tantrums (of course)

*Having to run to the ATM/Gas station at 10 o'clock at night because I have to play "Tooth Fairy" and can't find a single dollar bill in the house.

*Feeling guilty about not being able to be the "Room Parent" at my kids' schools. I did what I could, and it sure is nice to be off the hook nowadays.

*Coloring Easter eggs or hiding Easter baskets (my kids prefer cash to jellybeans these days.)

*Waking up at 4am/5am/6am on Christmas morning (These days, we all stay in bed until 7:00am.

*My very favorite? Not having to stay up until 2am to play Santa Clause.

Things I love about today..

*Knowing that I can sleep as late as I want, any day that I want; they don't need me to get them up and going. They can also pour their own milk/juice for breakfast and can turn the TV all by themselves.

*Having Kyle drive himself (and/or Kendall) to their school/social commitments.

*Watching the kids cut the lawn, walk the dog, and take out the garbage.

Of course, I could also to look forward to...

*Worrying about my car in an inexperienced driver's hands, especially as the curfews get later.

*Having to stay up until they get home from late-night outings.

*Worrying about whether or not we've prepared them enough to make the right decisions when put to the test regarding drinking/drugs/sex, etc.

*Trying to figure out how to help pay for college.

See why I try to stay in the present?!

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