Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Mumblings

Apparently, my recent Friday Fragments post just didn't cut it for me. I've got more ramblings...

***I want to know which teacher's have somehow begun to teach that every plural word that end's in "s" need's a apostrophe! Seriously; this drive's me buggy. I've seen it at school many time's in the past few year's, and today I saw it here. (Thanks, Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks, for the unnecessary apostrophe!) ***I thought I would never see Grandpa4444 again (he passed away in 2003). What a treat it was to "see" him in the VHS tape we found yesterday. Kyle and I got pretty choked up to hear his voice again and his goofy sayings ("Holy Schmudpuckers!"). When Kyle climbed into his lap to hear, "I love you, Kid," it pushed us both over the edge. What a treasure... Anyone know the best place to have VHS tapes turned into DVD's?

***Guess what?! Remember my accident? The investigator for my insurance company took a statement from me and concluded that it was my fault. I asked, "Why??" She said the other driver had the right-of-way and was in the path before I pulled out. I told her that she was not, and I asked if she had seen the photos I sent. She had not, but when she found them, she said, "Ohhh. I see now. The picture does show that you were well out of the parking space when she made contact." So, the fact that I thought to take pics (immediately after pulling forward about three feet, to disengage from her car) might just have saved me my $750 deductible.

***If you didn't see our video, Best Lei'd Plans, you really should; it's sure to make you laugh. And speaking of funny videos, on the one I mentioned seeing earlier, we have a clip of a newly-walking Kendall smacking right into a wall after losing her balance in the hallway. We LOAO, and Kendall has given her blessing for turning it into America's Funniest Home Videos. (Keep your fingers crossed!)

***Molly is on her way to Milwaukee, where a pulmonary specialist will be performing Molly's third or fourth (I've lost count) surgery in the past month. You know the drill...

Here's hoping your week is GREAT!

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