Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Fragments

Feel unsettled, like you have too much on your plate? Does your life feel somehow incomplete? Try writing a Friday Fragments post and linking up here; it just might do the trick :) (Just kidding, of course, but FF is very satisfying :) [What are Friday Fragments? Click the button above to learn more.]

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***One sunny day, years ago, I was walking through a Fleet Farm parking lot when I saw an older couple ahead of me, also walking towards the store, hand-in-hand, and I thought, "Oh, that is so sweet," just as it clicked for me that the couple was my mom and dad!

***Several years ago, I suddenly got it in my head that to be fully honest, truly genuine, I needed to go without any makeup. So, I think I powdered my nose with a compact, but other than that went without mascara (I don't wear a lot of makeup.) It felt very honest and unburdened. No one else seemed to notice or care much. Eventually (a year, maybe?), I got tired of seeing my barenaked eyes and went back to mascara. Guess that makes me a liar? LOL

***Click here if you missed Mom's party recap. Click here if you're having company and missed my Mrs.4444 Cooks recipes this week for Festive Tossed Salad and/or Company Egg Bake.

***Giveaway Alert!
Abby, of Me and My Boys is having an Apple Cheeks cloth diaper giveaway. I don't even need them (well, not yet, anyway, LOL), but they really are adorable and she says they're great, so if you're in the market....check it out!

***BlogHer Peeps---I think those of us in our little bloggy "network" should have a specific plan for a time/place to meet at BlogHer. Any suggestions? Also, Heather suggested we get some Karaoke going at BlogHer. I say, "Let's do it!"

***My Favorite Friday Fragment from last week was from Tena:

Sure, Michael was a freak show, but he was an icon- he pioneered pop music. And if you didn't dance to him in the 80's or sing along with his music at some point in your life, then your religion doesn't allow you to be using that fancy E-lectricity it takes to run the computer you're reading this on- so grab your bonnet and be on your way. Give the dude his props- that's all I'm saying.

Tena, you cracked me up. Please accept this humble award
:***Kendall has been painting Mr.4444's toenails for years (during the summer months). It looks ridiculous (he prefers multi-colored toes) but he's the kind of guy who enjoys the attention and strange looks he gets in public places; it's all in good fun. He especially loves the look on preschoolers' faces in the grocery store when they furrow their little eyebrows and tug on their mothers' skirts to point to the weird man in the sandals and painted toenails. (Too bad we don't have red, white, and blue nail polish.)

***Happy Friday! Happy 4th of July! And to you moms out there, Happy 1/3 of the Way Through Summer! September is right around the corner (sniff, sniff).

Grab my waist (It's there somewhere!) and conga here with your FRIDAY FRAGMENTS...

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