Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Fragments

Welcome to Friday Fragments and Friday's Freewrite, the perfect ways to unload your random thoughts that didn't make their ways into posts but you still want to share. Thanks for being here :) Be sure to visit Ordinary and Awesome to read more Friday ramblings and to link up your FF/FF post! [For how to get started with Friday Fragments, click on the FF button above.]

***I've felt decadent and rebellious, all these years, as I've defied Mom's edict and used more than "4 squares of toilet paper," on a regular basis.

***They say bad things come in threes. Well, this week, good things came in three's!! I won THREE giveaways this week!! First, Melissa B at Scholastic Scribe awarded me a Starbucks Gift Card in her Silly Sunday Sweepstakes! (Visit Melissa on Sunday for your chance to enter!) Then, Melissaz at Colorful Metaphors let me know that Mr.4444's answer in her Riddle Me This contest was correct! So, Mr.Smarty (he is smart, that guy!) will be enjoying some delicious homemade cookies!!!! Finally, as if being a winner twice in one week wasn't enough, I won Juls' Piggy Paint Giveaway at Every Day Is a Crazee Day!! That means that just in time for NFL football season, Mr.4444 will have some green and gold toenail polish!! Thank you, Ladies!! :)

***I'm not always a winner. On Tuesday, I had what I'm guessing to be a panic attack at the dentist office. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the nine shots of Novocaine I needed in such close proximity to the post I wrote about my anesthesia nightmare. It's occurred to me that while I've told the childbirth story many, many times, I have never once dealt with the emotions I felt during that incident. In the dentist's office, I suddenly could not feel my arms and felt intense and sudden fear, which culminated in becoming instantly soaked in my own tears and having to be "talked down." Pretty much a flashback; maybe therapy is in order.

***Choosing a Favorite Friday Fragmenter last week was fun last week, first, because of Kori, not only because of her intro,

"Friday Fragments. Mrs.4444. Saving us all from mental constipation, one Friday at a time."

but because of this:

"I saw a sign in the local grocery store this week that said, “XXX: The Stores That Feel Like Home.” I tell you, my home does not smell like spilled milk and old bread and little old ladies-you know, that faintly moldy, sweet smell? Oh. Wait. Yes it does."

AND this bit from another post of Kori's this week, "and if you don’t know how hard it is to NOT push when you have a HEAD sticking out of you, well, I hope you never do."

I couldn't choose only one FFF last week, because how could I pass this up Unknown Mami's gem about a picnic she attended with her family:

I was feeling pretty picture perfect until we sat down to enjoy a sandwich and I noticed a big yellow shmear on my pants. What the hell my sandwich didn't even have mustard on it?! The color could only be described as baby shit yellow. Why? Because it was baby shit! Yuck!

OMG, U.M. you are hilarious! :)

And I had total giggle flashback when I read this, from Stacey, at The Willowjak Boys:

- Dad told me today that my sons are the luckiest boys in the world to have Jonathan and I as parents. "If anyone was meant for this challenge in life, it was you guys. Think of the joy they bring you." Is it joyful when your six year old runs into your room buck naked, does a somersault and lets loose some toxic fumes and obnoxious noises when his butt's in the air in front of you?

So, Ladies, this infamous award goes to each of you today! Enjoy :)***Kyle leaves for YMCA Camp U-nah-li-ya on Sunday, where he'll be an Assistant Counselor for FIVE WEEKS. He'll come home for three weekends. How will we go on without him?!

***I love cheese popcorn, but I hate orange fingers (Sorry, Yaya; I know that's your favorite color.) This week, I found a solution: Eat it in a bowl, with a spoon. Problem fixed.

***I fell upon the blog, 2024 Rules for My Daughter this week. I love it for its simplicity and love that comes through this father's advice to his daughter.

***Melissa B, at Scholastic Scribe, did share the wonderful Starbucks gift, but she also shared two blogs, which I love; her daughter, Ella Numera Dos, is a talented photography student with a new blog called MOO, and Melissa's sister, Miss Jo, is ALSO a talented photographer (just more seasoned, heehee). These two are really wonderful, and Miss Jo's San Francisco is a blog like none I've seen before. Check them out!

I look forward to reading your Fragments/Freewrites this week. If you have such a post, link up here and at Ordinary and Awesome, and don't forget to make a few friends by checking out other posts :)

OH, DANG! Looks like I messed with my code when I added the Stumbleupon widget yesterday! I've switched to MCLinky tonight (Whew!) but will look again at it tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!

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