Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Spewings

Haha-like that title? I just can't TAKE it anymore! I've been trying to be all calm, cool, and collected about going to BlogHer next week-I remember being one of the people NOT going last year (my first year of blogging) and feeling left out, disinterested, and bored with the whole thing. At the risk of annoying anyone who's not going, I've tried to be calm, but I can't any longer...

I'm SO EXCITED!!! [Don't give two squats about BlogHer? I don't blame you, if you're not going, but I appreciate your being here, so scroll down to the bottom of this post for other entertainment :)]

What is BlogHer? It's a convention of bloggers.

What do they do there? Learn how to be a better blogger (I guess) and how to make money from their blogs, but really, I could care less about that crap; I am only going because I cannot wait to meet the many bloggers I have become friends with over the past two years!

AND...I'm looking forward to:

*Driving down to Chicago alone, singing at the top of my lungs, or maybe listening to James Patterson's Step on a Crack (book on tape). Seriously, I will need the three hour drive just to calm down enough to keep myself from screaming and leaping on top of Melisa and Weaselmomma when I get there!

*Sleeping over at Melisa's house on Thursday (guess I'd better get her real name and address, so that Mr.4444 knows where to look if I come up missing!)

*The "Swag" that will be handed out at every party/event! (Hey, I'm just being real.) I'll be taking an extra suitcase just to cart it all home! ["Swag" is the name for the freebies BlogHer sponsors (Swiffer, Pillsbury,, Crystal Light, Pepsico, etc.) will be handing out at all of the events.]

*Keynote speakers. BlogHer has chosen 21 stand-out bloggers to read some of their best posts, and I really look forward to laughing, crying (guess I'd better bring Kleenex!), and just being inspired by each of them. The list of bloggers include the likes of Tanis of Redneck Mommy, Black Hockey Jesus of Wind in My Vagina, Pauline Klarkowski of Classy Chaos, and I am Bossy. If I come out of their dry-eyed and without stomach cramps from laughing, heads will roll (but I doubt it will come to that.)

*Doing my first-ever 5K walk/run, just for fun, in Downtown, Chicago, Saturday morning at 6:30 (No, I don't drink, so I should be able to get out of bed. I'm sure Weaselmomma will join me, NOT, LOL.) Another Swag Bag, a t-shirt, and some exercise! I am lit up over this, even though I do not run (ever) and will probably get lost somewhere along the route.

*I'm also looking forward to just being myself with friends. I could care less about meeting any "famous" bloggers. I'm much more interested in meeting people with whom I can have a friendship with; not folks who get so many comments they can't even read them all. (I like me some relationships, people! :)

***Karaoke. Need I say more about that?

***Doing whatever I want to, whenever I feel like it, for three days. (Wait a minute, I pretty much do that now. Hmm. Well, doing that in Chicago, then.)

Okay, now that I've popped the top of my BlogHer mania, I'm calm enough to leave you with this. Kyle is gone tonight. Mr.4444 and Kendall were not feeling the BlogHer mania. In fact, they were bored, so this is what they did:Facials, with lipstick added "for the Joker Effect."

Kyle will be away at camp next week, so these two will be on their own. Think I need to get a babysitter?

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