Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Fragments

So many thoughts, spinning around in my head these days. That's why I'm happy to have a place to spill them out. Friday Fragments-your "brain dump" headquarters; perfect way to share those bits and pieces that are too short for stand-alone posts, but too good to just discard. Pull up a chair and join me! [click on the FF button above for more info]

***Sara Bonds, of Ordinary and Awesome also has Friday Freewrites, another great place to link up your random thoughts. Click the button to link up and meet other freewriters :)***Yea, me! I spent another hour in the dentist's chair this week, fully expecting to lose it over the shots again, but I didn't. I declined the nitrous gas (because I'm too cheap to pay th $82) and sucked it up like a big girl.

***I found some old love letters under Kyle's mattress this week when I was flipping it. (No, I did not even consider reading them, except to see who they were from), and it just cracked me up-- that he would think "No one would ever look under here!" If I were a snoop (which I'm not, because I don't need to be), that would be the first place I would look. When I was a kid, I did the same thing, though; we think we're so brilliant when we're teenagers.

***Whenever President Obama "addresses the nation," I feel like he is talking to someone other than me, about me, behind my back in a way. He seems to only be talking to the people who agree with him on his healthcare reform plan. He just assumes that anyone who doesn't embrace his current healthcare reform plan is either a lunatic or had to be paid to say so. I find that offensive. We have the same ultimate goal (I think) of seeing that everyone get proper healthcare. Isn't it possible that we might meet somewhere in the middle?

***This week, I laughed out loud at M.E.'s fragment that went like this...

* I must be getting old (For a bunch of reasons, and not just because I’m beginning the transition from tampons to bladder-control pads, either.) When I was at the movies, watching the Ugly Truth and thinking murderous thoughts about the teenagers and their mid-movie texting, I kept wondering if some of them were old enough to be hearing some of the R-rated dialogue. Which is ridiculous, since I know my kids learned more on the bus in third grade than I knew when I graduated from high school. (“Mommy, what kind of a job is a blowjob?”)

M.E., the award goes to you this week! Honorable Mention this week goes to Parenting By Dummies, who wrote a very creative, amusing post about bed-wetting, which all parents will appreciate....

"At about 3:25 am, the perp was discovered, screaming angrily in his bed. The assailant attempted to allude authorities by thrashing about wildly..." Read more here.

***Yesterday, I conducted a home visit to a new student's house. (I like to settle their minds about middle school and get to know them a little bit before it gets crazy-busy.) When I approached the boy's grandma to shake her hand, she gasped, "Oh, you're young! Thank GOD! I was so worried." This cracked me up! She was apparently worried that her youngster might get an "old, cranky" teacher this year. We both laughed when I told her that I hook the kids with my "youthful appearance," and then, when they start thinking they can take advantage of me, I tell them I'm 46, and they fall back in line. (It's a perfect snare.)

***Almost forgot! If you entered my Picnik Giveaway, guess what? You won! Yup-Mrs.Ski and ? (sorry-I spaced on who posted the lovely roadside before/after!!) Still one more code to give out--don't be afraid...)

Here's McKlinky, so you can link up your FRIDAY FRAGMENTS post and meet other fragmenters. You kids have fun!

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