Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Fragments/Friday's Freewrite

Friday Fragments (and Friday's Freewrite) are bits and pieces of your week that are usually brief; too short for a stand-alone post, but too good to discard. Collect humorous observations, "Heard" items, and other small gems and put them together in a Friday Fragments post. Then leave a link to your Friday Fragments post with Mr.Linky and link back to me in your post (please). (And don't forget to get to-for-one by doing the same at Sara's place.) Click on either button above to learn more.

***During the summer, I now and then catch The Young and the Restless, which I haven't watched regularly in about 20 years. It cracks me up that they keep recycling relationships; it's so...incestuous! Nick, with Phyllis?! Sharon with Jack? Nikki with Paul? I just have to laugh; can't they afford to hire any new actors? So funny.

***After a lifetime with basically one zit every now and then, I know find my face covered with the dang things! Weaselmomma says it's hormones. Great! First age spots, and now adult acne? What am I supposed to do about that?!

***In a very out-of-character move, Mr.4444 left for a business trip (6 hour drive) and arrived to learn that he had forgotten his bag (containing his clothing for the business meeting the next day!) (For some reason, he was against the idea of showing up for a meeting with a major corporation in day-old shorts, t-shirt, and sandals. ) Thank Heaven for Kohl's opening at 8am! $113 later, he was all ready to go. Whew!

***From a friend's email (I keep telling him he needs a blog, but apparently, he prefers having a life! LOL "We put on 575 miles on the first day of driving and out of the cold blue driving down the highway, Sarah said, "Mom does all the work, so Dad does all the driving." Is that awesome, or what? (Thanks, Jeff, for lighting a fire under me to put a "Subscribe via Email" button on my blog :)

***No one noticed when I replied to comments within the comments as an experiment on a post this week. Guess that means, like me, few people go back to a post to see if the blogger replied to their comment. I don't blame you. So, I'm guessing most people prefer email replies...I'll work on that.

***Before I left for BlogHer, I told you that I won not one, but three giveaways. The cookies were delicious, BTW, and I'm saving the Starbucks coupon for a special breakfast. Of course, come Packers season, Mr.4444 will be sporting green and gold toenails, thanks to Piggy Paints and Juls! You're not going to believe this, but while at BlogHer, I won Daddy Forever's book giveaway AND a Swag Giveaway! And my winning streak continues, because on Monday, I won Hallie's raffle to benefit organ donation. WOW! A coffee maker, subscription to Alaska Magazine AND a bracelet? Off to buy a lottery ticket...

***My Favorite Friday Fragmenter last week was Georgie. This was an easy decision, because you know what that girl did? She visited every single one of you fragmenters to say hi. What a sweetheart, hey? So Georgie, this one's for you!Okay, you know what to do if you have a Friday Fragments or Friday's Freewrite post--Link up here, and don't forget to visit some other F'rs :)

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