Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Fragments/Friday's Freewrite

Friday Fragments (and Friday's Freewrite) are bits and pieces of your week that are usually brief; too short for a stand-alone post, but too good to discard. Collect humorous observations, "Heard" items, and other small gems and put them together in a Friday Fragments post. Then leave a link to your Friday Fragments post with McKLinky and link back to me in your post (please). (And don't forget to get two-for-one by doing the same at Sara's place! :) Click on either button above to learn more.

***This is how humid it was last Sunday (93%) when we were leaving to drive Kyle back to camp. I took out my camera to take a pic of the foggy windows on the truck, but my camera lens instantly fogged up, too! ***TMI Alert- I wonder how Danielle (Knotty Yarn) feels about women all over the country (and possibly the world) thinking of her (and laughing) during their "times of the month," for the rest of their lives, at her expense. I'll bet it cracks her up. If you've read/seen Stuck in the Middle With You, you know what I'm referring to. If not, you don't know what you're missing!

***The beautiful thing about fragments is that they can be as long or as short as you like. I had a hard time choosing which of Andrew's Fragments I loved best this week, because they all made me laugh pretty hard, but I'm choosing this shorter one as a teaser...

- We have two dogs. A pug and a border collie. Just the other night, I was watching television and, from the hallway, I heard the pug grunting, as if he were lifting weights. A rhythmic sort of expression of air, short and ... well, obscene-like. So I peeked around the corner and found the collie mounting the pug. They're both males. And I swear to God himself, all I could say was,

"Oh! Sorry!"

You really should go back and read the amusing fragments about the booger picker and the inspiring, underwear digger that Andrew observed in his spy-themed fragments. Andrew, the award goes to you this week!***I have to give Honorable Mention to Hallie this week, for this one, though:

*I'm married to a man that thinks it's TOTALLY NORMAL to take his cell phone into the bathroom and use it to listen to music....while he's "doing" his business. When I point out how VERY, VERY WRONG I think this is, he attempts to show me his "toilet moves." (Picture dancing in your chair. Now swap the chair for a toilet.) Disturbing, right?

Yes, a little, but I bet it would make me laugh. (Ask him if you can get that on video, K?)

***Gertrude, over at Abstract Arboretum is celebrating her first Blogiversary this week with a Spring Street Candle Giveaway! If you hurry (it closes today at noon) and throw your hat in the ring, you could win some lovely candles/scents from Spring Street Candle, and you do NOT need to have a blog to enter, so get on over there and tell her I sent you! Happy Blogiversary, Gertrude!

***If you like taking pictures and would enjoy three free months of Picnik Premium's photo-editing membership (or just want to see me with no makeup on), check out my post from yesterday. So far, your odds are excellent to win, and I'll be giving away three prizes.

***Yesterday, we picked up Kyle's new/used car from the Honda dealer (my wonderful BIL, Tom, found it for us). Kyle's away at camp but knows about the car, so imagine his shock when Mr.4444 sent this text to him:

"Good thing I took your car for a test drive. A tie rod broke, and I ended up in the ditch on the access road. Not much body damage. Tie rods are about $200."

The poor kid about had a heart attack!! He snuck out into the woods (not supposed to have his phone at camp) and called Mr.4444, panicked out of his mind! Mr.4444 finally interrupted his freak-out to tell him,

"Oh, I got you good, didn't I?!"

I suspect there may be revenge in the near future...

***Just to be clear, I do NOT expect everyone to read every blog listed under a meme when you sign McKlinky. Blog reading should be a joy, not a chore. (If you are reading my blog out of obligation, please STOP right NOW.) Your time is too valuable to do that if you're not enjoying yourself. That said, I encourage you to stop in to say hi to at least a few Fragmenters each week; you'll meet a lot of great people and find some hilarious, inspiring posts. So many of you did last week and told me you were glad you did, so there!

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