Saturday, August 15, 2009

Then Again, Maybe Not

Kendall and I worked for hours on her bedroom one day this week, sorting through clothing for school and saying goodbye (or at least "See you again, some day") to pieces of her childhood. She dug this bed out from her closet."I remember this!" she exclaimed, and after a second, "What should we do with it?"

"Grandma and Grandpa gave you that. They found it at a garage sale and cleaned it up. She made the little mattress thingy, see?"

"Oh, yeah..."

"It could be an antique, you know.""It might even be worth something some day."Or not...Yup; that's Kendall's initials, carved into the antique doll bed.

Of course, she has no idea how they got there...

In her defense, it probably happened ten years ago. Can I still punish her?

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