Thursday, August 13, 2009

See What I'm Willing to Do for You?

Okay, for the record, I am not naked this photo; get your mind out of the gutter. I did this for you, ya know. What am I doing? I decided that I would show you some amazing things you can do with make-up, as well as with Picnik photo-editing software. You are going to love it!

In the next picture, I am only wearing MaryKay foundation (which I love). (Well, that, and a towel thingy.)
Next, Clinique eyebrow pencil, and e.l.f. blush and bronzer (the e.l.f. products graciously given to me at BlogHer and are now a part of my daily routine, because I love them. By the way, e.l.f. (which I hadn't heard of before) is available on-line (at insanely low prices, BTW) but will soon be sold at your neighborhood Tarjay!
Finally, loose powder from ???, mascara from Clinique, and yummy lip gloss from e.l.f.

Now, let's just say I was like Yaya and needed to post "A photo of me, as I look right now, writing his post," and let's say I had no make-up on and wanted to get some on in a hurry. I could do accomplish this with just a few clicks of my mouse, in Picnik (photo editing site)!!

That's right! I put my second photo (the one with foundation) in Picnik (Premium) and added a suntan, mascara (on my eyebrows, too), blush, and lipstick!! And, yes, I erased some wrinkles.* How cool is that? Truth be told, I could have used the first photo and doctored up some foundation, but I don't know how yet; I'm only a beginner, believe it or not; Picnik is that easy. Imagine what I could do after some practice! The new features also include tooth whitening, eye brightener, blemish fix, and some other fun tools, too. However, there are many, many other features as well, related to color, textures, stickers, etc.

Please wait a second while I get fully dressed. I have something for you.

Okay. I'm ready now.
Guess what?! The very cool people at Picnik have offered up a fun idea! Join Picnik if you haven't already (it's free). Then take any one of your pictures (or any photo you like on the Internet) and play around with it using any of the many features in Picnik Basic. Post the Before and After on your blog (or in an email to me, if you don't have a blog or just feel like going this route), and that's your entry. Entry in what, you say? The Picnik folks have given me three secret codes for a free 3-month subscription to Picnik Premium! Picnik Premium is actually $24.95 per year and worth every penny; Kendall and I have a blast with it. I'll choose three winners randomly from the entries and let you know who won next week some time. Deadline to enter is one week from today, Thursday at midnight (12:00 am on August 20).

I hope I have demonstrated that Picnik is fun and easy. What are you waiting for?! Get out there and have some fun!

*NOTE: For the record,I want you to know that I when I post a photo of myself on my blog, unless I say so, it's not retouched. I just don't feel right about erasing wrinkles, brightening eyes, whitening teeth, etc. because it feels dishonest to me. I would hate to have you meet me in public and say, "Whaaaa? She looks nothing like she does on her blog! Faker!!" That said, playing around in Picnik is a blast, and I am not above erasing a zit now and then.

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