Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Go, Dogs, Go!

Mr.4444 and Cooper were on their own on Sunday, so he was excited to read about a nearby community's 3rd Annual "Doggy Dip." Since the swim season for humans ended on Saturday, organizers opened up the man-made, fenced-in lake to dogs! For $5, participants were handed a few plastic bags and welcomed to the pool.

Cooper (on the left) was in canine heaven! Mr.4444 said that in the hour and a half that he was there, he did not see a single conflict between any of the dogs.Two hundred and fifty dogs participated, with funds raised going to the local Humane Society Chapter. Of course, not all of the dogs were of the human variety....(Only kidding on that last remark; I just couldn't resist!)

[Photos courtesy of the Green Bay Press Gazette.]

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