Monday, August 17, 2009

Hoo-Hah's Wanted

My sister, Michelle, has a friend who posted this find on Facebook (it's real, BTW):

"MODEL CALL - Brazilian Bikini Wax Several models are needed for our Brazilian Bikini Wax Class MONDAY , August xxth at Noon! INDIRA Salon Spa - APPLETON 1-2 hour Commitment FREE! ($75 value) "

Michelle's reply (with which I closely identify):

"For Real? WOW. I would never pimp out my hoo-ha for a WAX job. OUCH!! I'm not sure what would be more embarrassing - being the model, or watching it! And it's a CLASS? That implies INEXPERIENCE. Run!! Run away, fast!"

(Unless you are a masochistic exhibitionist, of course.)

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