Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back-to-School Babbling

Lots of stuff on my mind today...

***The "father" of a former Tinytown student was arrested (again) today for "invasion of privacy." He broke into a room (in which a woman was in a tanning bed) to watch her and ?? but was chased from the building. He was arrested last year, too, for peeping into the Girls shower at a nearby college locker room. He has done time for such behavior, but it apparently had no effect. Can you imagine seeing your perverted father on the local news on your first day of school? (Poor kid.)

***Yesterday at school, a colleague told someone that I was "positively glowing." I was. I cannot tell you how excited and happy I am to have a new teaching position this year. I'm co-teaching in the general ed setting, so I get to be with all kinds of kids, which is a great contrast to the last five years, teaching only pull-out classes to angry, unmotivated stinkers! :) I've also moved from 8th grade (where the kids are "cool") to 6th grade, where the kids are little sweetie pies. My principal looked at me yesterday and said (before I even opened my mouth), "You're welcome." Life is good.

***From Kendall, on her first day as a freshman...."In middle school and grade school, being funny was easy; you could just goof around; be silly, you know? But in high school, it's like funny is only funny if you're putting someone else down. It's not right."

***Our school district is pretty progressive when it comes to technology. At the high school, for example, in two short years, we've gone from allowing cellphones (out of sight during the school day, and only with a cellphone permission slip) to a new "My Time-Your Time" policy, which Kendall tells me means that kids are allowed to use their phones on their own time (between classes), but must put them away before walking into a classroom (the teacher's time.) They are not allowed to use their phones at lunch, though. I like it.

***From Kyle, on his first day, "My Anatomy & Physiology teacher is awesome! He's like a really cool guy in a an old-guy package. He's old; he's got a beard and everything, but he's hilarious. (The teacher he spoke of is about 50, 55 tops.)

***The Good News: Kyle is taking two college-credit classes this year. If he does well, he'll have 12 college credits come May. The Bad News: I have to figure out how to come up with $461 before September 15th.

***I do not for a second take for granted the fact that I have two kids who have tolerated gym class pretty well. My heart goes out to kids who are tortured by the thought of gym class.

***Last year, I knew a middle schooler who spent every single lunch period in the bathroom at her school, because her stomach would be in knots as she approached the lunchroom, and it was "just easier that way." My heart broke for her, as I know she is a wonderful girl who wouldn't hurt a fly and who would make a terrific friend. Some girls are so mean!

Think I've most certainly run out of fragments? Well, then you don't know me as well as I thought! Check back tomorrow for more bits and pieces of my mind (and others!)

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