Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Fragments

I offered up a ton of fragments yesterday and still have plenty more--Now you know why my childhood nickname was "Barbara Jean, The Talking Machine" (Thanks, Dad.) If you, too, have plenty of random things to say, you've definitely come to the right place. Friday Fragments is the perfect place to share the bits and pieces of your week that you just couldn't let go but didn't fit into post unto their own. Like a nice, loud, burp, purging Fragments is very satisfying! [Click on the buttons above for more information about Friday Fragments AND Friday's Freewrite (where all the cool kids go.)]

***Won, of Single, Bereaved, Broken and Tenacious wrote a wonderful letter to her son's teachers this week. Dear Teacher is a must-read for any teacher, really, but especially those of students with emotional/behavioral disabilities.

***I think I work in the best middle school ever. Seriously; the people I work with are so dedicated (from the secretaries, to the custodial staff, to the teachers and administrators), and so committed to kids (all kids, not just the easy ones). I'm grateful to be inspired every day by those around me. I wish all of your middle schoolers could attend Tinytown Middle School.

***My Favorite Friday Fragmenters

Caution Flag wrote a fragment last week about her dog, Pepper, who was graduating from an obedience class. I keep going back there, just to look at the photo, which cracks me up. Here's the Fragment, which earned Caution one of this week's Favorite Friday Fragmenter awards!

*Pepper the dog graduates next week. By virtue of having only 2 dogs in class, she is assured the valedictory or salutatory spot. Can't wait for her speech.
I'm still smiling, days later. (Love those eyes! :)

I said I'd pick two this time (since I slacked the week before), and I was happy to do so. The second award is also for a photo fragment. Mub was feeling a little down and used these peppers to cheer up. I can see why it worked; they're gorgeous!! Terrific pic there, Mub! Congratulations.

Enjoy the award, Ladies; you earned it :)

Honorable Mention this week goes to Yaya, for this gem, which took place while she and her husband, Josh, were staying with her Grandma over the weekend.
Random Conversation of the Week:
Me: "You're getting laid tonight."
Josh: "No no no. I just saw your Grandma half-naked. Why do you think I'm drinking Banana Schnapps??"

So, are you like me and wondering who has sex at their grandma's house?! (Yikes, Yaya. That's funny.)

***In case you didn't notice, I accidentally posted twice on Wednesday. If you missed the post about the little girl who embarrassed her mom in front of me (Say What?), check it out :)

***We love Aaron Rodgers (Packers Quarterback). (He's quite the hottie, no?)

but Mr.4444 wonders, "What's with the porn-star mustache this year?" We've decided that Aaron's new nickname is going to be "Dirk Diggler."

***And finally, my sister Michelle and her boys have a tradition of dancing to a certain song on the first day of school. This year, her 6th grader was too cool to dance, but something tells me his brother Caden will be dancing for years to come. If this doesn't make you smile, you need professional help.

Got fragments? Well, link-away! Click on other fragmenters to gauge your own sanity or just to make new friends :)

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