Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Fragments/Friday's Freewrite

Hooray! It's FRIDAY!! Time for Friday Fragments, where we get to unload all of the miscellaneous thoughts that didn't make it into posts but were too good to simply discard. Friday Fragments (and Friday's Freewrite, at Ordinary and Awesome) are a perfect way to neatly tie up your week and clean the slate for weekend partying reflection. We're glad you're here! :)

***Finally, the regular season of NFL football has begun! Packers play "da Bears" this weekend, and I am excited. I'm also hoping that Brett Favre plays well for Minnesota, because I want our ticket prices to rise so that we can sell the Packers vs. Viking game for a nice profit. If Mr.4444 and I can pay for our season tickets with one game, we'd be happy to watch from home (and not have to listen to people booing.) Know any rich football fans?

***If you missed my Favorite Friday Fragmenters post, click here. And scroll back to yesterday (please) if you missed the sweet, sweet picture I received this week from a student.

***Working a Friday Fun Night at school tonight, work picnic and annual block party Saturday, company from Illinois coming Saturday night for the game on Sunday. Not going to be a lot of down-time this weekend. It could be worse, though; I'm grateful that I have a choice to be this busy.

***I bought the "Thirty-Day Shred" DVD. (It was only $11, and the shipping was free, so I there was no excuse not to buy it.) I figured I would get to watching doing the workout some time next month this weekend, but....

***Kendall tried to kill me talked me into doing Workout #1 on Thursday night, and it kicked. my. ask. That is seriously pathetic, I think. Still, I feel good about getting off my butt. (Thanks, Kendall.)

***Like the "strike" feature I used above but don't know how to do it? It's fairly easy. Check out this link to learn how to draw a line through a word in a post. (You follow these directions while in the Edit Html tab for your post first.) Let me know if you need help.

***Took this pic at a a sort of petting zoo on Thursday. Pretty cute, huh? Mr.4444 said, "He looks like he's a biter."***I appreciate you. Thanks for taking part of your valuable day to visit my blog. It means a lot to me. Really.

If you have a FRIDAY FRAGMENTS or FRIDAY's FREEWRITE post, you are welcome to link up below. (Visit other fragmenters to why fragmented thoughts are all the rage! :)

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