Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In Case You Missed These...

Evansmom cracked me up with this description of Friday Fragments on her blog...

"It is a mental goulash
and Mrs. 4444 is the head chef."

Well, if that's the case, today's post is a smorgasbord! There were so many great fragments on Friday that I decided to post some of my favorites here, rather than waiting til Friday....

***Speaking of food, Semi-Slacker Mom brought blueberry muffins to her son's school one day....

"I took blueberry muffins to Bo's class for blue day. (You know, the just add milk kind.) I asked him how they were & he told me that one kid said that they were the best muffins he'd ever had. Poor child. His mother must be even less domestic than me."

Sadly, I can relate.

***Like Whoppers candy? Then DON'T read Unknown Mami's story about why she doesn't eat them any more! I also loved this one:

"I have a young friend who tells people that when his regular teacher is out he has a "prostitute" teacher. Poor substitute is being called a prostitute. (So sad, and unfair because the prostitute probably makes more money.)"

***Kristin, of The Goat (who works with organ transplant patients) shared an insight she has gained, regarding friendships in the organ transplant support group...

"I don't have time to decide if I like every last detail about them or if they click with my personality. There have been some folks that haven't clicked with me or me with them, but loving them anyway has been an incredible gift. If only I'd figured a lot of this out 30 years ago."

Pretty good food for thought, huh? I loved it.

She also shared a very cool link to how to make your own scratch-off tickets. The possibilities for this are endless--I loved this idea and am cooking up a fundraiser idea using them.

Kristin also has a brilliant idea for blogs in your reader that you aren't sure you want to part with; those "on the fence," if-you-will. She puts them in a "Time-Out" folder and comes back to them when she has time to give them some more thought. In spired, I created a Time-Out folder in my reader and feel a like I've done some great "weeding." (Don't worry--if you're reading his, you're not in that folder :)

***Hallie woke up with a wiener on her chest!

"Note to self: if you eat Wheat Thins WHILE on Ambien, don't be surprised if over an hour later, your wiener dog starts to burrow her head into your cleavage.

That Hallie is always, always good for a laugh!

***Stephanie, of Mama Still Wears Gucci, is having trouble using weight,

"If I had I known I would fight this battle of the bulge, I would have treasured my time as a size four. My size fourteen self hates my size four bitch ass for taking that blissfully skinny ignorance for granted."

Her whole FF post was great, so much so that I just think you should go read the whole thing.

***Every time I smell the scent of roses from a can, I think of my grandma's iron-stained toilet in her tiny, "rose" scented bathroom. Mary Ellen's fragment brought me back...

"When I was growing up, we had two choices for freshening the air: Lysol and FLORAL. And neither of them was refreshing. Lysol makes me gag to this very day, and we all know what those bathroom smells are like when you add floral scent." Adopting M.E.

***New Fragmenter, Housewife Savant, shared a comment made by her daughter, about a new friend,

“Yea, Mom…” insisted my girl. She raised a power fist. “Her dad was a Pink Panther in the sixties.”

This, too, came from H.S.:

"Conflicts in Life would be better if we were literally catty. No matter how vicious we’d been, it’d be all about Forgive and Forget, with the cleaning of each other’s ears."

***This one, from Stacy's Random Thoughts broke my heart:

"Sadly, Princess Nagger says every day that she hates school."

She's in FIRST GRADE, for crying out loud, and only a week or so in! No grade schooler should hate school because of crabby hag of a teacher. Poor kid. I just want to go give her teacher a piece of my mind!

*** Eternal Lizdom offered a photo that made me smile....

"Someone at Target has a sense of humor. This Cinderella bathroom accessory apparently broke..."***This photo from You and Me Plus Three is a classic. I don't even know these boys, but I love them! :)***Won brought up the fact that someone called her house, had the wrong number, and said they were sorry. She thought it was very sweet. I would not think of just hanging up if I had the wrong number. I just think it's polite. Right?

***I loved Tena's idea:

"So, I don't listen to a lot of current music...but this morning...I had to hear Brittney Spears 'Radar,' which is awful, but I think she could change her image and do a PSA with it and change 'On the Radar' to 'I'm a Reader' and start her own literacy program."

I suggested that Brittany first learn how to read. (Only kidding; I couldn't resist.)

So, there you have it--Some of my Favorite Friday Fragments from this week! Here's the award for the taking!

Didn't make the list? It's nothing personal. I never keep track of who gets picked or anything; I'm just sincerely passing on some of my favorites or those that really stuck in my mind. By all means, if you have some Favorite Friday Fragmenters of your own, feel free to bestow the award on them--the more, the merrier!

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