Monday, September 28, 2009

How to Get the Most Out of LIfe

by Emily Post (circa 1937)

I found this pamphlet in some of Grandpa Bob 4444's "junk" after his passing. I kept it, because I figured it would be entertaining. It is...

Personal Daintiness
Immaculacy begins with your daily bath....use a depilatory if you need it and all the aides that make you neater and sweeter. Dusting or talcum powder after the bath makes skin soft and smooth; makes your girdle slide on easier.

I'll try that the next time I'm sliding my girdle on!

Lustrous, Healthy Habits
Thick, oily hair needs a weekly shampoo. Dry or normal hair needs cleansing at least every ten days. Children's hair should be washed weekly.

She didn't say anything about fine, flat, greasy hair. I have actually never been seen in public with hair that hasn't been washed that day. Maybe I'm a slave to shampoo marketing?

Behaviour in society or out in public can never have greater charm than that which has been unconsciously developed through daily practice at home....Never temper uncontrolled, never a slump in manners or appearance or in the work which is your job [homemaking], never a moment when you do not try your best to be at your best for those whom you love best...

Oh, man, am I in trouble...

Actually, when taking the 1930's Marital Scale quiz, I got a 57 (out of 100), which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Husbands can take it, too. How would you rate?

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