Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekly Winners/Sundays in My City

Weekly Winners is a collection of favorite photos from the week. Lotus hosts Weekly Winners over at Sarcastic Mom. Unknown Mami is the delightful hostess of Sundays in My City, where contributors share pics from all over the world. Here are my contributions this week.

I took Kyle to visit a college on Saturday. The campus was very nice; on Lake Michigan, everything within walking distance, small class sizes. It is definitely in the running. Of course, Kyle was interested in the pool...

I was enamored with the flowers everywhere. Check out these gorgeous mums!

Mom's favorite color...

They were just stunning!

No wonder the tuition is so high; it must have cost a fortune to plant these all over the place. (I'm jealous.)

When I saw this on the wall, I knew we were in the Brainiac Department.

When I saw this, I knew we were in a dorm...

...though the smell left little doubt. (Boys!)

Visit Unknown Mami for Sundays in My City and Sarcastic Mom for Weekly Winners.

P.S. I apologize if you are offended by the "Jew fro" comment. I wasn't sure if it was offensive, and three of four friends who are Jewish replied that it was not offensive, so I went with it.

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