Wednesday, September 23, 2009

TMI Thursday, Grandma-Style

(Yes, I know it's Wednesday, but it's my blog, so I can change the days of the week if I feel like it, haha!)

Mommy Jamie has a giveaway going on, in which you are asked to share a breast cancer survivor story. At first, I didn't respond because I don't know anyone in that category. However, tonight, I remembered that years ago, Mr.4444's Grandma Grace survived breast cancer.

She was 70-something when she was diagnosed and underwent a mastectomy. I didn't know her very well, as she lived in the U.P. and didn't get up to Green Bay much, but I'll never forget the time I got to know her better than I wanted to. Mr.4444 and I gone to his parents' house, where Grace was visiting for Christmas.

Now, Grace was very hard-of-hearing, so she had a tendency to talk very loudly. Mr.4444 greeted her in the livingroom, and gave her a big hug. Before he could even sit down, Grace hollered, "Mark! Do you want to see the scar from my surgery?!" She did not wait for a response; just whipped the top of her shirt down and thrust her chest out for her grandson to see the ugly, red scar above an empty Grandma-boob.

After he swallowed the vomit in his mouth, Mr.4444 said, "Thanks, Gram. I'm glad you're feeling better." She went on to tell her story, but I don't remember it much (because I was laughing pretty hard.)

Grandma Grace lived another twenty years. During that time, she earned the nickname, "Polyp Queen" from Mr.4444 (no, he didn't call her that to her face), because of her many issues with polyps in

Thankfully, she never offered to show us those...

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