Saturday, October 17, 2009

Again, the Comedian

Kyle and I were at a high school talent show tonight. We weren't sitting together, because I had to have a quick escape (no, I wasn't sneaking out out of pure boredom; I had to sneak out to sell stuff during intermission.)  Anyway, we were texting each other in between acts, giving our commentary. He was sitting with his friend, Abby.

I was also texting commentary to Kendall at home, because she was still not well enough to go to school today and couldn't be in the talent show as planned, either. :(  Anyway, she's much better tonight and will surely be in school on Monday. 

Getting back to my story, Kyle sends me a text that says, "We're going to sneak out after Nate's song."  The show was mostly over, and I knew Kyle had to run to Green Bay to a store that closed at 9:30pm. Reluctantly, (I hate it when people performances early; it's so distracting.) I replied, 

"Okay, but just do it in between and quickly."

He replied, "That's what she said," and followed it up with, "I know; I'm going to hell."

At least he'll go laughing.

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