Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Fragments

If you're like me, Friday Fragments is an oasis; a happy place in which you can unload the clutter of your week. Let your hair down, shake a leg, or just do what makes you happy here. Record your random thoughts from your busy week and take a load off! To learn how you, too, can frag-out, click on the button above.

Friday's Freewrite, too, is a great place to link up your fragmented thoughts.

Now let's get fragging!

***Poor Kendall didn't make it into school at all this week; the flu has kept her home. She's feeling better, though. Thanks for your well-wishes. :)

***Last week, Caution's intro to her FF really made me laugh, and I could relate!

"Thank-you, Mrs. 4's and Sara for hosting our weekly party. It is, sadly enough, the social highlight of my week."

***I didn't feel like making the tough decision of picking just one Favorite Friday Fragmenter last week, so I chose the following:

From Hallie- Running on the treadmill for 1 1/2 minutes is ABSOLUTELY enough time to reverse the caloric impact of a bowl of butter pecan ice cream. I should know; I asked myself and I said yes.

I want Hallie to be my personal trainer.

☼ I'm going to have to dedicate one week to all the "dirty" things the kids say by accident, because there are many. This week, Jack was grocery shopping with me and climbed onto the bottom shelf of the cart, exclaiming, "I like being on the bottom!" (To which his father immediately replied, "Me too, son.")


And finally, the softer side of fragmenting...I loved this fragment from
Young Old Crone:

I really, really love blogging. I love reading posts, and I love the outlet that writing here gives me- but I'm most grateful for this feeling of community, and I really care about the lives of the people whose blogs I read. The main downside is that when an IRL friend calls sobbing, I can drive over with wine and chocolate and hug her. When I read a blog post and that friend is hurting, it sucks because all I can do is type in a box and hope they realize that I care.

Cat, I know you spoke for many when you wrote that; I could totally relate.

Thanks, Ladies! Please accept this award in thanks :)

***I'm taking Kyle to visit the campus of U.W. Green Bay today (my and Mr.4444's Alma Mater). He has already been accepted but hasn't decided yet if he will attend. Lots of options yet to wait on. We shall see....

***Try this delicious taco pie recipe! It's very yummy! And if you're in the mood for a nice, hot casserole, instead, check out the Pizza Casserole recipe that I posted this week on Mrs.4444 Cooks.

***Dysfuntional Mom offered this link in her fragments last week. It's to NieNie on Oprah! I was so happy to see that, as I wasn't aware that NieNie had hit the big time (thought I'm not at all surprised.) BTW, this actually says a lot; if I'm missing NieNie, you know I'm busy. So, don't feel bad if you haven't seen me as often on your blog; I haven't been to NieNie's at all, and she's one of my top faves.

***I was contacted by Vanessa, at Amon Maternity, who invited me to write a review of Amon's Be-Hold Pregnancy Belly-Band. My first thought was, "I need to get shades on my bathroom windows. I am NOT pregnant!" However, I held my tongue and offered to instead find a couple of pregnant friends to try it, and said that I would be thrilled to try Amon's Body Shaper, instead. I'm happy to say that Vanessa agreed, and I received the products in the mail today. I really look forward to seeing if I can get into that t-shirt again (now that's it's been washed and dried/shrunk) without embarrassing my family. I also found two thrilled, pregnant co-workers who said they'd be happy to try out the Be-Hold Band and give me feedback for a review. Stay tuned!

***I feel like it's rude not to read every single fragmenter's offering, and I enjoy it, of course, but it does take a few hours or more, which is stressful (trying to get it accomplished within the weekend) and takes me away from my family. Because I don't like feeling that stress, I've decided to allow myself a week to get to them from now on. I hope that doesn't offend anyone.
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