Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SHTs Revisited

It's been a long, long time since anyone took the trouble to follow my award-giving rule, but Rocio was up to the challenge. What a sweetheart! For those who aren't aware, I will happily accept awards, but to pass them on, I have a rule you must follow first. See my SHT Hall of Fame for those who have followed the rule (my favorite is Ed's)--You must first do a Stupid Human Trick and post it on your blog. That Rocio is a great sport. Here's her offering.

Isn't she cute? Thank you very much, Rocio!

And now, I will honor my commitment by listing "Ten Things" about me. This is tough, because I've been blogging for two years now, and you all know so much about me, but I'll try to mostly list things I haven't mentioned before.

1. I almost never dust.
2. I vacuum a little more often than I dust. (Mr.4444 vacuums, too, though.)
3. I love having my toes sucked. (Sorry if that's TMI.) Same goes for my fingers. For the origin of this discovery, you'll have to read this post (scroll to the bottom of the post)
4. Mr.4444 and I dated six years before getting married; I had to practically drag him down the aisle, but he's been a very willing participant ever since.
5. I'm ashamed to say this, but I once threw an egg at someone's house (after wiping my fingerprints off of it, of course.) I'm very sorry. I was a kid; what can I say?
6. My favorite candy is SNAPS (candy coated black licorice).
7. I used to sneak candy into the movies. Now, I'm too afraid of getting caught; they have cameras facing the audience in our theater now, and an usher once came in and stood, staring at me, so I'll probably never do it again. (My heart was beating SO hard!)
8. I used to bite my nails. (Wait-I still do. Sorry about that.)
9. I'm a night person. If I could have any schedule, I would stay up til around 2am and sleep til 10am.
10. One of my latest morning routines is wiping my phone down with an antibacterial wipe. (Yes, I'm aware that nail biting invites germs like crazy. I actually wash my hands first, usually.)

Okay, that's it for me. If you can relate to any of my random facts, this award goes to you :)

Freegal1000, of MOO also took me up on the SHT challenge when she gave me this Bella Award...

Holy cow! I am impressed (and almost speechless!) 

These two dedicated gift-givers' SHTs are definitely going into my SHT Hall of Fame.  Now, I'm supposed to regift the award to 15 new blogs I've found. Well, guess what? I'm not young, like Moo, and I certainly don't look like that in a bikini (anymore), so I'm going to play the "I'm old and crotchety and feel like breaking the rules, so I'm not picking 15. (I can't keep up with my favorite blogs at all, let alone any new ones.) I hereby pass this award on to five bloggers whose blogs I think are lovely. The only rule is that there are no strings attached. Just enjoy this award and pass it on if you ever feel like it :)

*A Long Patience (Andrew isn't really what I'd call "lovely," which he'd be the first to admit, but his post today is, and he's a gifted writer.)
*Ignore the name; Cow Patty Surprise really is a lovely blog. Nezzy's writing style sooths me and makes me smile.
*Divergent Pathways (Jana) is definitely lovely blog,
*Yaya's blog is truly lovely. She is a very lovely person whose loving spirit is a beacon to many. I know you agree.  She gets awards all the time, and she's probably had this one ten times, but I'm bestowing it anyway.
*And finally, I think Willowjack Boys is a lovely blog. Insightful, inspiring, heart-warming.

Happy Tuesday :)

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