Monday, October 19, 2009

The Tree of Soles

As you walk across the gorgeous U.W.Green Bay campus, there is much architecture and natural beauty to admire. However, some things worth seeing are not so obvious.  Walking towards the Kress Athletic Center, our guide pointed to this beautiful oak tree.

Yes, it's lovely, but it also has a story.  If you look closer, you'll see a hint.

Can't make them out? Look closer...

Each year, graduating seniors who are so inclined toss a pair of their shoes (tied together) up into the oak's branches, to "leave a little bit of their souls on campus."  I have named it "The Tree of Soles."

I guess it's good that this tradition wasn't around when I was a student at U.W.G.B. (Clogs are hard to tie together.)

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