Monday, November 9, 2009

Eye-Openers, College Style

Our campus visit to U.W.G.B. last month was an eye-opening experience:

*Twenty years changes things. A lot. For my first semester at UWGB, I wrote a check for $495.  Kyle's tuition for his first semester (assuming he for-sure chooses G.B.) will be approximately $3,300.

*Walking ten minutes (from dorm to classroom) is beautiful on a nice, fall day. I'll bet it's a beotch in February. Note to Kyle: Purchase parking pass.

*At one point, someone in our tour asked how much the parking pass at UWGB costs. The admissions rep replied, "How much to you pay for parking now [at your high school]?" and the answers varied dramatically. For example, Kyle said, "Ten bucks a year." A young man from Eden Prairie, Minnesota said, "$350," and his dad confirmed. Seriously?! They pay $350 per year for their kid to park a car at his high school? Is it me, or is this absolutely insane?!

*During the tour, we visited my former place of employment, the UWGB library.  I couldn't resist telling Kyle that Mr.4444 and I had a "really good time" (once) in a private study room at said library.  Since I never talk this way, he was taken aback and severely traumatized. (I LMAO!)

I've learned a lot through the process of college applications, etc. If you ever have questions, feel free to ask me, but the person I went to is Chris, Dad of Divas, because he really knows his stuff!  Thanks, Chris!

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