Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekly Winners/Sundays in My City

Sundays in My City is a weekly meme hosted by Unknown Mami, who happens to live in San Francisco and always had plenty of pics to share.  Visit Sarcastic Mom, too, for photo favorites from this week.

All of my shots took place on Saturday, which was a very busy day!  It started with veggie cutting at our house--we host this important step in making our bi-annual Boy Scout Booyah fundraiser.  Scouts and their dads showed up to help cut vegetables for the booyah, which is a regional chicken soup of sorts. [For more about booyah, read this post.]

The boys worked hard for two solid hours and did it with smiles (even the clean-up).

In the afternoon, I headed to Tinytown, where our high school football team played a division playoff game!  I got there in time to catch the tail end of the tailgating, which included a live polka band and dancing. Of course, the kids always have a great time....

I think Lady Gaga would have enjoyed this little "polka face!"

Get it? Lady Gaga....polka face?  (I crack myself up!)

The energy was very high, of course, and there was plenty of school spirit.

The Seniors knew how to make the most of the occasion...

Kyle had a "press pass," as he is a sports editor for the Tinytown News...

Unfortunately, this was my view of the game (from the Sports Boosters concession stand)

which was okay, because I had fun...

...and we didn't win :(

Score:  42-21  (On the bright side, we were playing the defending State Champions.)

Hope you had a winning weekend.

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