Monday, November 30, 2009

Wonders of the Sea

Since my sister Michelle deleted her blog, I get to capitalize on her wit, charm, and writing talents here at HPKT. Here's her latest offering:

Every time I take the boys to the eye doctor, they are thrilled. Yesterday was no exception; Logan talked in the car on the way there about how he couldn't wait to see the sea urchin. At the eye care place, they have an impressive salt water tank with wonderful creatures. The black sea urchin has been our favorite for several years. Logan even said, "When he dies, I'm gonna bawl."

While in the office, we watched the star urchin move about, commenting on the movements of his mouth. It's a brilliant mouth, similar to the one in the photo above, but in a bright neon-blue. It's very prominent, with it's beautiful glow. We decided that when we got home, we would Google the creature to learn more about him.

Imagine our laughter tonight when we discovered that the "mouth" that we love to watch flexing in and out... actually his anus.

(Something tells me there won't be too much bawling after all.)

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