Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sundays in My City

Hosted by Unknown Mami, Sundays in My City is a great way to see the world from your couch (or desk chair). Each week, bloggers from all over the globe share shots from their locales. Here are my contributions this week.

Depending on your interests, either one of these first two shots represent the word, "Mecca" to you. The first is a shot of Kroll's West restaurant, in Green Bay, on NFL game day.

(Kroll's is a must-eat-at destination for many out-of-towners who visit "Titletown.")

The second needs no explanation. I took this shot at about 9am, heading in to work concessions that day.
Just before I reached the entrance, I was drawn to this group, just inside the gates.

Kyle told me later that he met them when his high school marching band played at Lambeau a couple of years back. They're known as The Tundra Line. To see/hear why they drew me in, watch this:

For more Sundays in My City contributions, visit Unknown Mami :)

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