Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Fragments, Episode #73

WooHoo! Christine, of Mommy Madness has made this brand-spankin' new Friday Fragments button for me! Is she a sweetheart, or what?!  It's much better, dontcha think? Now we can fragment in style!

This week, perhaps inspired by Christine, I am motivated to do my fragments in a more visual way.  So here you go; bits and pieces of my week that I have gathered up for your viewing pleasure.  To learn more about Friday Fragments, click on the button above, and then feel free to join in the fun!

***First, a wonderfully-sweet gift from my friend, Mighty Mom, whose kids busted out a bunch of these and who decided I should have one! I'm touched. Thanks, again, MM. I love it :)

***Next, can you guess what this is? (Try to ignore the bite marks on the mallet; Cooper got to it years ago, when he was a puppy.)


Grandpa 4444 (may he rest in woodworking peace) made it, many years ago, and it sits on our kitchen counter, a conversation piece (I'll put the answer in the comments, assuming I remember to put it there Friday morning).

***Here's how I found Cooper the other night.  Think he's trying to tell me something??


By the way, I highly recommend a lap desk like the one above as a Christmas gift; I love mine.

(If you need another gift idea and didn't read my book review from earlier this week, click here.)

***This is a terrific idea I found through Karen, who led me to Shell in Your Pocket.

It's a wonderful, simple Thanksgiving tradition that her family will treasure for years to come.  I wish I would have started it when my kids were younger, and I might still do it (I'll have grandkids who'll love it one day, right? :)  I'm actually planning to start it this Christmas but continue it on Thanksgivings from now on.

***I have to apologize-I forgot to pick a Favorite Friday Fragmenter for this week. Right now, though, at 10:40pm on a school night, I'm thinking I can let it go this week. After all, some weeks, I've chosen two or three favorites, so I figure I am actually ahead.  Plus, with the holiday last week....  Is that enough excuses? I got nothin' but exhaustion here, so hopefully one of those excuses works for you? Love ya~

Okay, now it's your turn. Use McKlinky below to visit other Fragmenters or to link up your Friday Fragments post.  (Last week, I had to delete one that wasn't following the rules. Remember-Santa's watching-This McKlinky is for FF posts only, please.)

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