Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thousand Words Thursday

Add ImageWe recently graded what we called "Book Study Projects," which were like traditional book reports, only with many more options for delivering the content. Overall, the results were terrific. We had four students choose the Character Interview option; they came in dressed in character, with answers memorized to questions we gave to them in advance. One student actually came in wearing an 8-foot wingspan that she and her dad created (from cardboard) for the character, Max, of Maximum Ride. It was really a treat to see how much work the kids put into their interviews.

As for the Diorama option, the results ran the gamut from this:

to this:
This floor was made by hand, with something like styrofoam, brown crayon, and some type of instrument used to define each tile in the "flooring."

The boy who made this one has a twin brother who chose the Story Quilt option and produced this:

Both boys positively beamed with pride. I know their parents personally and am pretty sure the bulk of this work was done without their help.

I have no idea who did the first project; it had no name on it.

This being Thousand Words Thursday, I thought it appropriate to post these pics. To me, they say a lot.

Visit Jen, at Cheaper Than Therapy, for more "pictures that say a Thousand Words."

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